Card List


Ad Feminam


Ad Homminem


Affirming a Disjunct


Affirming the Consequent




Appeal to Antiquity


Appeal to Authority


Appeal to Celebrity


Appeal to Consequence


Appeal to Conspiracy


Appeal to Emotion


Appeal to Ignorance


Appeal to Nature


Appeal to Personal Incredulity


Appeal to the Stone


Availability Bias


Begging the Question


Burden of Proof




Cherry Picking


Commutation of Conditionals




Confirmation Bias


Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc


Denying the Antecedent


Denying the Conjunct




Dragon in the Garage




False Balance


False Continuum


False Dichotomy


Fundamental Attribution Error


Galileo Gambit


God of the Gaps


Guilt by Association


Improper Transposition


Induction v Deduction




Loaded Question


Loaded Words


Middle Ground


Moving Goal Posts


Multiple Comparisons


Nirvana Fallacy


No True Scotsman


Non Sequitur


Over Precision


Poisoning the Well


Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc


Quoting Out of Context


Red Herring


Reductio ad Absurdum


Regression Toward the Mean


Sacred Cow


Scape Goat


Slippery Slope


Straw Man




The Bandwagon Fallacy


The Base Rate Fallacy


The Black or White Fallacy


The Conjunction Fallacy


The Etymological Fallacy


The Fallacy Fallacy


The Fallacy of Relative Privation


The Four Term Fallacy


The Gamblers Fallacy


The Gish Gallop


The Hitler Card


The Hot Hand Fallacy


The Law of Truly Large Numbers


The Masked Man Fallacy


The Monty Hall Problem


The Race Card


The Sunk Cost Fallacy


The Syllogistic Fallacy


The Texas Sharp Shooter Fallacy


The Volvo Fallacy


Tu Quoque


Two Wrongs


Unrepresentative Sample


Weak Analogy


Wishful Thinking